10 Best Indian Short Films Must Watch For You

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Here’s a compilation of the 10 Best Indian Short Movies

Short films often serve as a brilliant platform to passionate filmmakers to demonstrate their talent. Making a short film has always been a tough proposition.  Of late, short films are turning more and more mainstream with many big names from the Hindi film industry joining the bandwagon.

So, here we bring you a compilation of the 10 Best Indian Short Movies that have released in the recent times. So go ahead and enjoy.

  1. Anukul

Even three decades after the death of Satyajit Ray, it is quite difficult to overlook his creative genius’. Anukul is based on a short story written by Ray and is directed by Sujoy Ghosh who is well renowned for his works like Kahaani, Jhankaar Beats as well as the popular short film titled “Ahalya”. Anukul is among the 10 Best Indian Short Movies.

2. Juice

The renowned director of Masaan, Neeraj Ghaywan, has come up with another masterpiece Juice — a hard-hitting critique of everyday famous patriarchy and misogyny. Neeraj Ghaywan’s short film is very relevant as many which remind that once the emotions start touching the right chords, words tend to become futile.

3. Half-Ticket 2

Here is a light-hearted short film about life that reminds us about the importance of enjoying the little moments of joy that we often tend to ignore in between our pursuit for greater goals. Directed by Prathamesh Patil, Half Ticket 2 is the sequel to the 2017 short film Half Ticket.

4. Maa

Drug abuse is gradually becoming a menace for the Indian youth. Directed by Niranjan Iyengar, Maa revolves around a young artist who is addicted to drugs. The short film stars Neena Kulkarni, Dino Morea, and Vivaan Shah. The film’s strongest point is how it depicts the tender relationship between a mother and a son.

5. The Chair

The Chair, directed by Sumit Singh, highlights the disparity that the LGBTQ population faces on a day to day basis. The short film stars Sushant Divgikar and Prerna Dua in the lead roles. The Chair reminds us about the importance of being original.

6. Test Drive

This Samir Chand-directed short film presents a day in the life of a struggling actor. Needless to say, Ashutosh Rana essays the part brilliantly, reminding us yet again what he is capable of doing in front of a motion picture camera.

7. MAD

MAD, Directed by Vinod Rawat, A Perfect 10 winner at the Mumbai Film Festival, is one of those rare short films that make us realise the true power of cinematic storytelling. Among the 10 Best Indian Short Movies MAD is rated 7th Best.

8. Gutargu

Directed by Raju and Vishal Desai, Gutargu proves that good love stories need not always require an operatic scale. The short film stars Mohit Choudry, Nazia Davision, and Pankaj Rungta.

9. The Thought Of You

Ahmed Roy- directed The Thought Of You beautifully explores the hidden marital insecurity and jealousy surrounding. The main cause of problems is lack of trust and in the absence of trust, hings only gets worse with time. A Perfect 10 winner at The Mumbai Film Festival, The Thought Of You highlights this and more. According to a movie enthusiast, The Thought Of You is the best Indian Short Movie.

10. The Good Girl

Directed by Ritesh Menon, The Good Girl, is another greatly relevant indian short movie that deserves applaud. Starring Plabita Borthakur and Gurdeep Kohli, The Good Girl, touches upon the issue of premarital pregnancy. Even in today’s modern era, premarital sex hugely remains a “taboo” in the country.


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