Have you seen Sunny Leone’s baby photos – Nisha Leone Weber

Sunny leone with her daughter
Source:- Google Images

Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel Weber adopted a baby girl and have named her Nisha Kaur Weber. She looks extremely adorable and cute.

sunny leone adopts a baby girl
Image source: Google Images

 Sunny Leone, who is now a major name in the Bollywood industry, has recently adopted a baby girl who is 21 months old, along with her husband, Daniel Weber, has been named Nisha Kaur Weber. The adoption was done from Latur.

Last month, in a surprising move, Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber happily adopted a baby girl without worrying about colour, caste, creed, background and physical status. That is a very big thing for the people who go for adoption. They generally follow the “pick and choose” rule. They choose baby by looking their colour and physical status.